#WFWed, prompt word--"Light" "Golden light shimmered with slanted rays into the damp cave and kept the darkness at bay."


#TalesNoir prompt word during second week of May--"Creation" "Wet clay oozed between his fingers, spun with the wheel, and dripped onto the slab. Once day, this creation would reveal his name."  

Going Places

Once in a while, it is satisfying to actually go somewhere. We can spin our wheels and go nowhere more often than we wish to. Years ago, I travelled and lived abroad from the motive of adventure. A full year of sixteen countries--planes, trains, ferries, buses, hitchhiking, hotels, homes, and hostels. Even those exciting things are exhausting.... Continue Reading →


(Ten-word story prompts). "Thought and heartbeat race each other faster than shooting stars."   #hangtenstories "Heartbeat" 156

Anniversary of Second Chances

One year ago today, we proclaimed our vows of love, honor, and commitment! We said them in front of an audience of family with a few close friends. The ceremony took place inside a family home, instead of the backyard--due to rain...in a drought year. Though disappointed, the indoor setting was intimate and lovely. Even though my new husband... Continue Reading →

Waves Prompt

"Turquoise blessing or gray curse—roll soothing or something worse. Driven by wind and tide, refreshes unseen spirits or makes them hide." #PoemPeriod  

Worthwhile Membership

A member of Inspire Writers Sparrow recommends this enjoyable organization because of the supportive, helpful volunteers and members. *Contact me at erin@sparrow.world *Follow my social media: @ev.sparrow.world on Instagram Facebook Page: E.V. Sparrow @sparrowwriter and @BErinWriter on Twitter.

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