#TastyPoem prompt word-"dewy" #micropoetry #prompt In honor of our 108 degree weather-- "Summer sun sizzles, all too bright. Scorched trails in shadow, hold nothing dewy overnight."

This Dusty Book

#Classywrite handwritten- Prompt 74 "This dusty book holds locks of your hair, from infant days and childhood fair. In dreams you skip up to my inviting arms, and once again you are safe from all harms."    

Espresso Book Machine (EBM)

Some of my critique group members went on a trip to a large metropolitan library. We watched this machine brew a book and learned about self-publishing options. It was like seeing the "back office" of the publishing world. A maze of doors and hallways that require safe navigation through wisdom and research. Preparation pays off... Continue Reading →


#1lineWed, prompt word--OPEN 'My heart and mind open a little more with every convincing word He speaks, and His knowledge creates an intimate bond."

Human or a Lady?

My daughter and four-year-old grand girl and I discussed modesty in ladies' clothing and swimsuits. From a preschooler's perspective--"Well, I'm not a lady, I'm a human." There it is.

Where Animals Come From

"Grammy, we were catching worms at school today! Why do they eat dirt?" My on the fly response, "Well, worms eat dirt because someone has to." My four year-old grand girl then related a story of her preschool teachers instructing them about animals. "Grammy, did you know God made beautiful animals and things? God made... Continue Reading →

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