Mom’s Award

If you've read my other posts about my battle with Mom regarding her walker, reacher, and trash'll appreciate this update—The management at our apartment complex noticed Mom's dedication to garbage collection and keeping the grounds clean. They honored her with a signed Certificate of Recognition and flowers. How can I fight with appreciation? I... Continue Reading →

Book Launch!

Another short story published in an Inspire #Anthology is humbling. I enjoy friendship with some of the people in the group, and being a part of this book with talented writers in the region. Message to "future" writers—grab courage, override your shaking hands and knocking knees to join a writer's society, a critique group...then go... Continue Reading →

Reflect or Regret? Part 4-Dating Post Divorce

As a silver-haired person, I retain the privileges of Reflection or Regrets. I've earned this right through years of trials, temptations, and choices. My journal excerpt—Reflect on Dating. Being single again is scary, but the dating game was terrifying. During the twenty-five years of my first marriage the world evolved with Social Media and online... Continue Reading →

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