Mom’s Pilfer Permission

#family #TreasureHunt #caregivers Mom's health is vastly changed since last year's 89th birthday. She's still a little sweetie, and she's as easy to enjoy as a pint of mint chip ice cream. Her pain level and mobility keep her in bed and a wheelchair more often. We needed some equipment to improve daily function. Like a bedside... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Coffee

My hubby fixed his much anticipated morning coffee—"On that new FODMAP diet, can I drink creamer in my coffee? I like my coffee robust, but it's gotta have creamer." Me—"Check the yes list." I sipped my coffee with stevia and no flavored creamer. "Oh, and read the creamer label." My hubby pulled out his phone... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Bread and Marmalade

Three days ago, Mom started using the walker in the house. Her pain and sciatica remind her not to forget it off in a corner. Mom is also more confined to her bed. We added an ice pack every two hours and a Motrin a few times a day. This morning, I checked to see... Continue Reading →

Mom Giggled

Poor Mom. Her back is giving her "fits." She's been resting in bed this past week. We've been doing everything we can think of to help her manage the pain. I entered her room with supplies, "Time to freeze yourself." Mom lay against her pillows in her queen size bed. "It's that time again?" It's been... Continue Reading →

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