Bookstore Survival

Did you know that at book launches, you can hear an author read a portion of their book? It's similar to children's story time at a library. The bookstore is on its way to a tragic extinction. There's nothing like the aroma of dusty books. Owners of the above store told us that they have... Continue Reading →

When Sis Helped

#wheelchair #siblings #caregivers In my family, I'm the baby. Two brothers and one sister. Sis is almost nine-years older than me. She's the OLDER sister. Mom has been living with me since 2014, when her beloved husband passed away from cancer. She never drove a car, has Alzheimer's now, and is challenged with walking due... Continue Reading →

Grouchy Caregiver

#wheelchair #caregiver Yesterday, was my Grouchy Day. It was one of those times where I wanted to be invisible, or at the very least, hide in my quiet room with a cup of coffee or nap. I didn't want to hear any other voice, except my own whiny one. My grating voice was quite enough... Continue Reading →

Winter Chicks

Me, to my friend Suzi—"I love your new hair color! You went natural." Suzi—"We're definitely not spring chicks anymore." Me—"True. I rename us, winter chicks." When we were spring chickens in college, Suzi's tresses were golden brown, and mine were blondish. After twenty years of hair color, I went natural, because I was allergic to... Continue Reading →

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