Mom’s Lipstick

#lipstick #parenting #COSMETICS Two teen girls strolled along the sidewalk of a very small town in California's foothills. It was a warm 1941 September afternoon, on the first day of high school. Look at her. My Mom crossed her arms and pouted. Grace is allowed to wear that bright red lipstick. She doesn't look like... Continue Reading →

Mama’s Tardy

My daughter flew in for a quick visit with her two grandmothers. She surprised her Gram for her birthday, and Grammie (my mama) benefited from the plan. A few of us gathered in Mom's room for a chat. The subject of clumsiness came up—a few of us are incident-prone. "I remember one day at high... Continue Reading →

Non-Mundane Story

I'm elated for my short story in Short and Sweet Goes Fourth going to print in August. The reactions and comments from readers satisfy my heart. The setting is during a lunchtime break at a building project in Mexico. In the midst of that ordinary day, something unexpected is discovered and spins the mundane into... Continue Reading →

Mom’s MRI Questions

Mom's two-hour trash-pick-up-walks had trickled to treks to the bathroom or kitchen. She hunched over her walker, and said it was painful to be more upright. Her Physician's Assistant listened to my concerns. "Do you think she fell?" "That's possible. Her memory is sketchy and confused at times, so it's difficult to get accurate info... Continue Reading →

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