New Anthology Excitement

#Anthology #amwriting #shortstories Grace Publishing shipped me a sweet and anticipated cardboard treasure box which arrived today. It contained not gold and precious gems, but books, with one of my stories printed on page 63—Soles, in the Short and Sweet goes fourth anthology. Words from my fictionalized non-fiction story dripped through my fingers—hot sun, cold... Continue Reading →

Author Generosity

#amwriting #writerslife I'm a member of Inspire Writers. This group is on my generous list. Inspire announced that their website for Christian writers is now #6 worldwide. The group is no longer a regional one, it is national, and international. The generosity of fellow writers and authors with their time and experience amazes me. It's... Continue Reading →

Balloon Pet

#balloons #pets #balloon Years ago, Mom had a pet balloon. I gave it to her for Mother's Day. It was a shiny, silver, mylar balloon with a big pink rose on it. One afternoon, I stopped by Mom and John's apartment at afternoon tea time. I sat at their round dining table, ate a cookie,... Continue Reading →

1960 Home Spa Days

#haircolor #1960s #siblings Two bored sisters created an At-Home-Spa-Day in the Summer of 1960. It wasn't in their budgets to pay hairdressers for cutting, styling, or coloring—my Aunt changed my Mom's partly gray hair into a warm Auburn color. The do-it-yourself project was successful. Their friends and family members wanted to join in on the... Continue Reading →

Tippling the Sherry

In the 1960's, my parent's circle of friends included six couples. They rotated hosting dinner parties on Saturday nights. The men wore suits and ties. The women wore party dresses and heels. It was Al and Jean's first turn with the group. "Al, you're late. I was counting on your help!" Jean rushed around their... Continue Reading →

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