Monkey Falls

Mama removed the dishes from the breakfast table in her new kitchen. “Lizzie, go brush your teeth, and then you can play on our new patio, okay?” “Goodie, Mama. Can I play by the creek?” Lizzie turned on her tummy, slid off her chair, and when her toes hit the floor she ran to Mama….

Easter Morning

Starlight faded into the sunrise as it overtook the previous night. “Hurry, Joanna. Move faster.” Mary gripped the burial cloths tighter under her arm. Her feet padded silently on the packed earth pathway. “We must reach the tomb before sunrise, or someone may stop us.” Mary’s heart pounded. She pushed the other women close together….

Prayer Softens Reality

#friendship #prayer We sat at tables pushed together for our critique group meeting. The group welcomed me after a prolonged absence from my mother’s illness, and her recent passing. The group offered condolences and related their prayers for my heart. My friend, Susie, nodded, “And how are you holding up? We were concerned about you.”…

Illustrating Harper

Harper is awakened by a strange sound. She thinks there might be a band playing in the city park across the street, and decides to explore. Her kitty, Zoey, joins her strange adventure up a steep hill. The creatures and destiny are unexpected! This is a full bleed, acrylic watercolor, pen and ink line drawing…