Christmas Without Mama

Heartfelt Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, Mama. I thought of you today, when I read my favorite childhood book, The Night Before Christmas. You and Dad gave it to me. I sat before our Christmas tree and read it aloud to make a video for my granddaughters.

It’s your tree, Mama. In memory of you. I dressed it in all of your favorite Christmas ornaments this year.

It’s a beautiful little tree, Mama, graceful and delicate, like you were. Shining and majestic in its own way.

It’s your presence I miss the most, Mama—the first Christmas I’ve experienced without you in the world. So, I dressed myself in one of your black and white sweaters, and wrapped myself in your red Christmas cape. We took you out to dinner with us. Whenever I looked down at my outfit, I thought of you, and your unfailing, unconditional love for me.

It’s okay, Mama, I am truly blessed because of your friendship for all those years. I will always miss you, until we are together again. Merry Christmas. #Grief #Alzheimers #loss #bereavement

2 thoughts on “Christmas Without Mama

  1. Oh sis, what a beautiful letter 2 mom, Im crying…… I miss her too!!! Been thinking about her, and know she’s in the Lords presence which helps, but the emptiness without her is difficult. I have her green cape from Ireland hanging in my closet, I see it everyday, and I c her wearing it when we took the photo of her wearing it @ Stague Fort near Derrynane Bay County Kerry! Our beautiful majestic mom! Thank you again 4 your post, made my day, even though with tears.


  2. Thank you! Don’t we all process grief and loss differently? I remember when she wore my dad’s tattered work shirt, the one he passed away in, for an entire week! I could barely tolerate it, until she answered my question of why she was wearing it, with, “He wore it to work the morning he passed. It was the last shirt I hugged and kissed him in. It makes him feel close to me.” She needed that shirt until she could say good-bye.


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