Embrace the Messy

A membership perk from American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) are blog posts. They allow me four posts in a membership year from my choice of membership level.

I am proud of my creative article for authors. Here’s an excerpt and this link to the full article:

It’s easy to suppose as Christian fiction writers we’ve all studied and memorized Bible verses, right? I developed Scripture knowledge later. Therefore, I intentionally create people of fragile faith. Where is God in their mess? It’s delightful weaving in redemption, confession, forgiveness, reconciliation, and mercy into fictional plots. 

Raised in the Roman Catholic Church, my belief was in the Trinity—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, resurrection, and salvation. 

At fifteen, I accepted Jesus’ work on the cross as a personal, life-changing belief. My faith was messy, but I recall that potent moment when I discovered the Lord Jesus Christ was mightier than my imagination.

Readers in our audiences are at all levels of faith, and maybe without a Christian background. Should we avoid messy, and flawed characters? Or spend time with them as Jesus did?

What might God do for a wanderer in disbelief, or a hopeless person? If they doubt God’s love, what convinces them? Are there powerful ways to reconcile them with God? (Read more…) https://acfw.com/embrace-the-messy/

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