Burnt Pans

How many frying pans have I burnt this past year? No matter how careful I am to check the burner indicator for which one is ON, it’s wrong. I blame the wacky diagram. My hubby walked into our apartment entry. He paused with the door open and looked down. “You burnt another pan?” He chuckled….

Orange Marmalade Chicken

#chicken #diabetes When my lab test results revealed I was heading for diabetes, my doc told me to cut down on my sugar intake. Unfortunately, my taste for sweet didn’t adjust to my lab results. I recreated some of my favorite dishes with lower sugar and carbs. The following recipe feeds some of my cravings…

Goodbye Walker

I am finally free of my six-month-old friend, Walker. I needed and enjoyed the supportive relationship, but I am ecstatic about saying, “Goodbye, old friend.”