1960 Home Spa Days

#haircolor #1960s #siblings Two bored sisters created an At-Home-Spa-Day in the Summer of 1960. It wasn’t in their budgets to pay hairdressers for cutting, styling, or coloring—my Aunt changed my Mom’s partly gray hair into a warm Auburn color. The do-it-yourself project was successful. Their friends and family members wanted to join in on the…

Water and Tonic

Laundry, almost done. Check. Finish up with Mom’s sheets. After scanning my list at the kitchen counter, I glanced out the patio slider. Several wildfires were burning in our state, and one was near enough to cast a peachy light. Triple digits again today. Will this heatwave never end? The birdbath on our patio was dry,…

Burnt Pans

How many frying pans have I burnt this past year? No matter how careful I am to check the burner indicator for which one is ON, it’s wrong. I blame the wacky diagram. My hubby walked into our apartment entry. He paused with the door open and looked down. “You burnt another pan?” He chuckled….

Orange Marmalade Chicken

#chicken #diabetes When my lab test results revealed I was heading for diabetes, my doc told me to cut down on my sugar intake. Unfortunately, my taste for sweet didn’t adjust to my lab results. I recreated some of my favorite dishes with lower sugar and carbs. The following recipe feeds some of my cravings…

Mom’s Bed

We live in a two bedroom apartment—my hubby, me and Mom. One of the reasons we chose this apartment—the floor plan is perfect. Mom’s bedroom and bathroom are separated by a wall between the living room. We all have more privacy this way. The other reason—Mom has a picturesque view from her bedroom window. It’s the…

Lighthouse Warns

Lighthouse warns from seashore cliffs, “Avoid all harm, passing ships.” #hangtenstories 246– Seashore, posted on Twitter 8/4/17, ten-word stories. Painted in acrylic watercolor & pen.

Goodbye Walker

I am finally free of my six-month-old friend, Walker. I needed and enjoyed the supportive relationship, but I am ecstatic about saying, “Goodbye, old friend.”