Irish Cottage Artwork-Free Offer

While on my second trip to Ireland in 2002, I read a humorous Irish welcome sign pinned to the wall in Tony McGann’s pub in Doolin, County Clare. I created my own version of the sign as a free offer to encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, and to follow my blog, or…

Illustrating Harper

Harper is awakened by a strange sound. She thinks there might be a band playing in the city park across the street, and decides to explore. Her kitty, Zoey, joins her strange adventure up a steep hill. The creatures and destiny are unexpected! This is a full bleed, acrylic watercolor, pen and ink line drawing…

Bookmark Sketch

Inside our church’s coffee shop, Mary and I drank our mochas. She leaned toward me, “I was told that you’re an artist. True?” “Yup.” I set my cup on the table, “I ran a mural business for years. Why?” “I’d like to give first-time visitors to Single’s Ministry a little something. Would you be willing…

The Dating Dock Illustrations

Author, Dee Aspin, hired me to create black and white pen and pencil illustrations depicting a dating journey on a kayak or speedboat. The journey ranges from fun, adventurous, or confusing and scary. Personal stories are included, and its purpose is to give hope. The book is targeted for those in their twenties or thirties…

The Dating Dock Launch

#dating2019 #singlelife #Christian Author, Dee Aspin, asked me to illustrate her book, The Dating Dock, A Journey of the Heart. I think Christian singles—college students and even older adults will find this information helpful about boundaries and self-care. My goal is for the illustrations to engage readers with a light-hearted touch.  Divorced, after twenty-three years of…

Spring Spirit Logo Contest

This banner design is watercolor acrylic and pen. Teamwork—plant seeds, water, and magic! The contest’s objective was to capture the spirit of spring—hence the title, appropriate for children. I am thankful for this opportunity. #SCBWICANorthCentral #artofscbwica


#hangtenstories 257- Whimsical, “Relish whimsical memories, revel in passionate loves, shiver with braveries.” Medium-watercolor acrylic and pen.  

Time Print

“Time plods on, leaving its print, of wrinkles and silver hair blowing across sands that shift.” Edited from my Twitter post, #microprompt 598 PRINT. Pen & acrylic watercolor.

Lighthouse Warns

Lighthouse warns from seashore cliffs, “Avoid all harm, passing ships.” #hangtenstories 246– Seashore, posted on Twitter 8/4/17, ten-word stories. Painted in acrylic watercolor & pen.

Smiles and Violets

  “Smiles and Violets flash exquisite or invisible by distracted souls.” Edited from my post to #hangtenstories prompt #217-“Violet.” Pen & acrylic watercolor.