Character Illustration

Creating the character’s consistency of qualities and features for #kidlitart is a challenge. I really enjoy #drawing and designing. Such a fun job!

Doodles Under Construction

   This project is for college age readers. A few “simple doodles” were requested by the author. Line drawing is one of my favorite styles.  

Draw This Contest-“Love”

  February SCBWI Draw This contest prompt was the word “Love.” Here, a cupid delivers a valentine card. Facebook- scbwi_ca_northcentral #ArtOfScbwi @SCBWINorthCal

Creation of a “Dummy”

I don’t mean stupid, yikes–Dummy as in sample. It’s a legitimate illustration term for storyboards. 😀 The task of dummy assembly was a project that intimidated me. Only half of my brain, the left half, reads descriptions and instructions. I prefer to use both halves. So, I searched for a good visual presentation. Thankfully, I discovered…

New Year’s Resolution 2017

These thoughts–“I really must create a design for my brand,” or “There’s so many artists in the world how will my style compare?” or “Some artists have more schooling, training, and experience,” need replacement thoughts for this New Year. I choose– “Art is part of my being. Several years have lapsed, but I now crave…

Final #Illustration as December’s Featured Illustrator

I chose this submission for the bright colors and whimsical design. The original was a 3-foot wall panel mural for a children’s room and painted in acrylic. Thank you @BethanyTelles @angliecarjaxon of #SCBWICANorthCentral @SCBWINorthCal #artofscbwica for the honor of showcasing a bit of my art. #ebwriter 🙂 I’d love to do it again!  

Multi-Medium Illustration

The Draw This invitation from #SCBWI to compete in the October “Fright” illustration contest allows the medium of our choice. I created what I imagined by the use of different types of paper and colors. I finished off the design using a Sipa brush SB58, and a MICRON #3 black pen. The colored papers made…

Featured Illustrator

#FeaturedIllustrator for December #3 of 4 illustrations. Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators are an amazing group of professional people. scbwi_ca_northcentral Instagram #ArtOfSCBWICA Instagram @SCBWICA NorthCal Twitter #SCBWI CA North/Central Facebook I enjoyed the creation of this dragonfly with watercolors and pen. Poor thing is caught in the swift water. If you’re ever caught up a creek, hold…

“Royal”-Illustration Contest Entry

#SCBWIDrawThis has a contest for members that usually runs each month. My entry was for “Royal” in the medium of color pencil. I did not win, but I do appreciate the practice and the free promotion. #ArtofSCBWICA on Twitter and Instagram.

Logo Contest for SCBWI

#ArtofSCBWICA (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, California). I enjoy contests for the simple reason of discipline. Without reason for art practice, each day passes me by occupied in other business. My first love is drawing and creating with color and design. Murals filled that passion, but ladders and awkward poses that included painting ceilings,…