Bookstore Survival

Did you know that at book launches, you can hear an author read a portion of their book? It’s similar to children’s story time at a library. The bookstore is on its way to a tragic extinction. There’s nothing like the aroma of dusty books. Owners of the above store told us that they have…

Consent to Publish

(Photo was filtered through the Vinci iPhone app). Excitement and thankfulness entwined in my heart, when I received another contract! The anthology of extremely short stories under 275, single-syllable words is being compiled.  An editor sharpened and clarified my creation, with questions that challenged my concepts. The story was clear in my mind, but it might…


#1lineWed– Wonder Dagan mused, “A lifetime of wonder burst upon my soul with various hues of love, horror, evil, and bliss.” Photo edited with the Prisma app.    

Wine, Chaos/Messy

#WineWords–theme Chaos/Mess “Desert vineyards grow slow, then produce. Red hot, or white hot, why not? Palettes burnt change a hue, all seduce.” Photo using Prisma app.  

Character Illustration

Creating the character’s consistency of qualities and features for #kidlitart is a challenge. I really enjoy #drawing and designing. Such a fun job!

Another Story

It’s funny how an AFPA amazes me, (Acceptance For Publication Agreement) when that’s what I work toward. I signed one a few days ago. Ta dah! The opposite is also true. A Rejection Email is a milestone which amazes me. We all need feedback. Any form of feedback. Pure excitement burst inside me when I…


“King’s bard, until he misspeaks a word, then never heard.” #hangtenstories 190


#TastyPoem prompt word-“dewy” #micropoetry #prompt In honor of our 108 degree weather– “Summer sun sizzles, all too bright. Scorched trails in shadow, hold nothing dewy overnight.”

Espresso Book Machine (EBM)

Some of my critique group members went on a trip to a large metropolitan library. We watched this machine brew a book and learned about self-publishing options. It was like seeing the “back office” of the publishing world. A maze of doors and hallways that require safe navigation through wisdom and research. Preparation pays off…


#1lineWed, prompt word–OPEN ‘My heart and mind open a little more with every convincing word He speaks, and His knowledge creates an intimate bond.”


#WFWed, prompt word–“Light” “Golden light shimmered with slanted rays into the damp cave and kept the darkness at bay.”


#TalesNoir prompt word during second week of May–“Creation” “Wet clay oozed between his fingers, spun with the wheel, and dripped onto the slab. Once day, this creation would reveal his name.”