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Overcoming Tech Fears: A Personal Voyage of Discovery, Part 2


Part two of my guest blog post regarding our fears of creation and administration of our own websites.

We write stories, but can we learn the tech world, too? If I can, anyone can.

WordPress is easy to use for beginners, but it was still intimidating.

The process that works for me is note taking. I took notes that made sense for me, and then I didn’t need to continually ask for help.

Independence frees me to try. To all you intelligent creative writers—grasp courage!

Thank you, Inspire, for the opportunity to encourage others.

Overcoming Tech Fears: A Personal Voyage of Discovery

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 4.52.45 PMMy most recent guest blog post encourages writers to explore the tech world, social media, and create their own websites.

As a muralist, computers intimidated me. I understand the scariness of a machine.

Now, I’m surprised that I daily use my laptop and phone. I even enjoy it.

My first article and guest blog post was My Creative Journey.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 5.10.50 PM

It details my epiphanies at a workshop I attended with my friend. Her comments describing her observations of me merged with the call to write that launched me into the writer’s life.

At an Inspire workshop in 2016, the speaker, DrPortia Hopkins, spoke with knowledge, passion, and conviction. Her words created a bonfire in my fearful and hesitant heart. Me, write? Through her Power Point presentation, she urged me to believe I could.

Dr. Hopkins is a professor at William Jessup University.

The next step: The privilege of joining the writer’s group, Inspire Writers. The blog has helpful writing tips, articles and local author interviews.

The finale: I was accepted into a crucial support group for editing, and helps for a new writer–one of Inspire’s Critique Groups.