Published Stories

South Dakota Foreman is based on an event my grandfather told me about. Circa 1910, a young railroad foreman learns of an awful plot against him by his own crew. Discover his wise and humorous way he dealt with the situation and the creative way God helped him. Published 2020. This is the story which inspired my debut novel, Muldoon's Misfortunes, a novella, and Books 2 and 3.
My short story, Unexpected Grace, tells the story of two women tourists on a sightseeing adventure across the Sinai Peninsula. Their adventure turns scary when they arrive at the border crossing at the Suez Canal on their way to Egypt. Then when they bargain for a taxi ride to Cairo, their experience turns horrifying. How will they make it through the night in the desert? Published 2019
In, A Heavenly Hand, my story occurs in a 1942 logging camp and follows two young sisters hiking to the nearby river. On that hot August morning, they encounter a horrible situation—who will help them? Published in 2019. 
E.V. Sparrow joyfully contributed three stories. In Jesus Made Me Feel Better, an ill four-year-old girl slips away into a "dark blanket." What happens to her? In Chill Alert, two mothers with their preschoolers experience a terrifying event at the park. Who will save them? In Miracle Among Friends, a young woman awakes very ill and is unable to call for help.  How will she survive until her roommate arrives home from work? Published in 2019.
Author Dee Aspin, illustrator E.V. Sparrow, for young adults and any age singles. How do we navigate the dating scene and do it well? Does the culture really help, or is there another way? Published in 2018.
Stranded depicts a young woman stranded at a 1980s overseas airport with no smartphone, access to computers, or online banking. How will she find her way safely home surrounded by strangers? Published in 2018.
In my story, Chills, two young mothers enjoy a warm spring day at a park with their preschool-age children. Chills alert one mother to a horrifying situation unfolding. Is she helpless to stop it? Published in 2018.
At a home-building project in Mexico, a strange incident turns a mundane lunch break into memorable beyond belief in my story, Soles. Published in 2018.
In my story, The Sword of Truth,  a young woman explores life's pathway, and discovers an object which changes the course of her life. Published in 2017.
Love is expressed in unusual ways, and in Ella's Heart, a wife and mother with a terminal illness creates a plan for love in her husband's future. Their daughter struggles to come to terms with her mother's wishes. Published in 2017.
My second short story was Don't Bypass Joy, My Love—During their wedding plans and the move to a new home, a couple discovers one of them needs bypass surgery. Published 2016.
My first short story was, Meaghan O'Meara's Bowl. Meaghan's ex-husband's PTSD helped destroy their marriage. Meaghan must face her fears from the past when she is compelled to spend a week with her ex in their son's home. Published in 2015.
Alton commissioned me to paint black and white watercolors, with pen and ink illustrations for his book published in the first three editions. This is the original cover, and was my first experience with book contributing.