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2018 Stranded—depicts a young woman stranded at a 1980s oversees’ airport with no smart phone, nor access to computers, or online banking. How will she find her way safely home surrounded by strangers?
2018 Soles—at a home building project in Mexico, a strange incident turns a mundane lunch break into memorable beyond belief.
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2017 The Sword of Truth—while exploring life’s path, a young woman discovers an object which changes her life.
2017 Ella’s Heart—a wife and mother with a terminal illness creates a plan for love in her husband’s future. Their daughter struggles to come to terms with her mother’s wishes.


2016 Don’t Bypass Joy, My Love—During their wedding plans and the move to a new home, a couple discovers one of them needs bypass surgery.

2015 Meaghan  O’Meara’s Bowl Meaghan’s ex-husband’s PTSD helped destroy their marriage. Meaghan must face her fears from the past when she is compelled to spend a week with her ex in their son’s home.
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