Non-Mundane Story

I'm elated for my short story in Short and Sweet Goes Fourth going to print in August. The reactions and comments from readers satisfy my heart. The setting is during a lunchtime break at a building project in Mexico. In the midst of that ordinary day, something unexpected is discovered and spins the mundane into... Continue Reading →

Consent For Publication

June was a very good month. Some of my short stories were accepted by various publishers. I'm humbled when someone else finds the subject of my story as fascinating as I do. Within the next few months, be on the lookout for the anthology title and a Link posted on my Published Page. The desired... Continue Reading →

Reflect or Regret? Part 2-Persistence

As a silver-haired person, I retain the privileges of Reflection or Regrets. I've earned this right through years of trials, temptations, and choices. My journal excerpt—Reflect on persistence. Desires and dreams- In middle school, a friend of mine encouraged me to join Glee Club, where I discovered my love for singing. At thirteen years-old, I... Continue Reading →

Anniversary of Second Chances

One year ago today, we proclaimed our vows of love, honor, and commitment! We said them in front of an audience of family with a few close friends. The ceremony took place inside a family home, instead of the backyard--due to a drought year. Though disappointed, the indoor setting was intimate and lovely. Even though my new husband... Continue Reading →

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