Morphine or Milkshake?

#hospice #caregiver #Caregivers My left hand grasped the bottle of liquid morphine. It's come down to this? The king of pain med. "Mom, I need to squirt this between your teeth and your cheek. It's pretty bitter, but I'll give you some Lime yogurt after, okay?" The dropper between my right-hand fingers shook, suspended with... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Christmas

#angelsmile #WINGS #christmascovered My favorite holiday, my favorite season. I love everything about it, especially since it's Jesus' birthday celebration. When my kids were young, I always baked Him a birthday cake. Mourning influences my thoughts and mood this Christmas. Not just because the cake is now a gluten-free, and sugar-free pie or cookie. Mom is... Continue Reading →

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