Mom Giggled

Poor Mom. Her back is giving her "fits." She's been resting in bed this past week. We've been doing everything we can think of to help her manage the pain. I entered her room with supplies, "Time to freeze yourself." Mom lay against her pillows in her queen size bed. "It's that time again?" It's been... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Nose

After locking my apartment door, I fish in my pantry for something to make my bitter nightly medicines go down easier. My Hubby—"How did critique group go?" Me—"Fine." I'm focused on the snack search. I just ate a full dinner, but it's Friday night. I scoop up a spoonful of peanut butter and stick a... Continue Reading →

Mom Sees Jewels

In our apartment's kitchen, Mom stood in front of the granite counter, near the sink. She poured her morning coffee. "When you get the chance, come and see something. I just found a jewel. I've never seen it before. It's really pretty, it looks like a diamond." "A diamond?" Did I lose a diamond? At... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Eyebrow

Mom had an effective form of correction in our family—Her Eyebrow. When we detected the Eyebrow...we knew what came next. Punishment or discipline (whatever word you choose to use), loss of privileges, no dessert, etc. My sister and I still discuss The Eyebrow, and we are both Over The Hill. Mom—"When you were two years-old... Continue Reading →

Mom Finds Change

Mom returned from her afternoon walk in the complex and trash collecting with her reacher. Mom— "Look what I found. They were just laying around next to the sidewalk—.59 cents." My hubby's eyes widened, he tucked in his lips and his shoulders shook. Me— "Well, how nice." Mom— "I'd like to donate these coins to... Continue Reading →

Mom Sees Clouds

Mom and I have a comfort-custom of purchasing a milkshake and breakfast sandwich post doctor or dentist appointments. Did I mention yet that she treats me for transportation costs? This particular visit came in the midst of a 50% possibility of rain showers. Mom loves it when our reservoirs are filled for the summer. Mom—"Look... Continue Reading →

Mom Reads Signs

Mom, a non-driver for her entire life, reads signs out loud to us—one of her favorite pastimes while riding in our car's backseat next to her walker. (My sweet mom's hearing is a little decreased, too). #caregiver Here’s a portion of our conversation on the way home from the restaurant tonight— Mom: “Pick and Pull?... Continue Reading →

Thankfulness in 2017

There's so many blessings in my life, how can I remember them all? Peace, hope, and love just about covers the list—but I forgot to add joy and laughter to my post on Facebook yesterday. Strength is found in peace, hope, and love...but wellness and stress relief is found in laughter. Laugh on!  

Time Print

"Time plods on, leaving its print, of wrinkles and silver hair blowing across sands that shift." Edited from my Twitter post, #microprompt 598 PRINT. Pen & acrylic watercolor.

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