Trash Collector-Part 2

Walking outdoors is Mom’s main love. (Yes, I know, I encouraged the treadmill idea. She detests treadmills.) Her trash collecting mission branched off of her love for green and clean living. She is an original environmental protector at eighty-eight-years old. On a mission one day, Mom fell into the gutter. Concrete gutter. Head first. A…

Trash Collector-Part 1

For about one year, Mom was the neighborhood trash collector. She put on her hat and armed with her metal reacher, she executed her clean up mission in our apartment complex. Mom went as far as her legs and walker allowed. She eventually ventured into surrounding neighborhoods. I finally convinced her to stay near our…

Sisters Are Not Puppies

“L” is in the clouds with new baby sister “E” to kiss and hold. “Babies are so cute!” “I think so too, I love babies.” “I love her.” “Me, too!” “I thinks she loves me.” ‘I think you’re right. Baby E knows your voice.” L nodded. “Inside Mommy’s tummy Baby E could hear us talking. That’s why…

Doodles Under Construction

   This project is for college age readers. A few “simple doodles” were requested by the author. Line drawing is one of my favorite styles.  


#1lineWed, prompt word–OPEN ‘My heart and mind open a little more with every convincing word He speaks, and His knowledge creates an intimate bond.”


(Ten-word story prompts). “Thought and heartbeat race each other faster than shooting stars.”   #hangtenstories “Heartbeat” 156

Anniversary of Second Chances

One year ago today, we proclaimed our vows of love, honor, and commitment! We said them in front of an audience of family with a few close friends. The ceremony took place inside a family home, instead of the backyard–due to rain…in a drought year. Though disappointed, the indoor setting was intimate and lovely. Even though my new husband…

Draw This Contest-“Love”

  February SCBWI Draw This contest prompt was the word “Love.” Here, a cupid delivers a valentine card. Facebook- scbwi_ca_northcentral #ArtOfScbwi @SCBWINorthCal