Mom Finds Doggie-Walk Bags

Our apartment complex provides bright green doggie doo clean-up bags for the owner’s convenience, and for the neighbors’ delight. Not always used by said owners, gag, but more often than not. The other day, Mom returned from her afternoon walk with a confession ready. Mom poured a cup of coffee, “I went into the office today.”…


We awake, Rosie’s on the chair. Let’s sneak out of bed—she’s following! Run away quick, we squeal and laugh. Rosie floats in silence, trailing her string. We hide around the corner, here she comes! Rosie slowly glides and drifts near. Jump over her—zap, she clings to our socks!   #50PreciousWords Writing Challenge

Anthology Book Launch

#Inspirewriting I am joyous that another one of my short stories is published! #amwriting the next story. My brain holds an entire unpublished library.

I’ll Be Doggoned!

Walking, jogging, and cycling on our wonderful city park trails is a great way to begin a Saturday. My friends and I enjoy the outdoor time together, but sharing the trail is a challenge. I walked in the middle of our side of the trail, when my hand was whacked into the air. I jumped…