Water and Tonic

Laundry, almost done. Check. Finish up with Mom's sheets. After scanning my list at the kitchen counter, I glanced out the patio slider. Several wildfires were burning in our state, and one was near enough to cast a peachy light. Triple digits again today. Will this heatwave never end? The birdbath on our patio was dry,... Continue Reading →

Reflect or Regret? Part 5-Plans

As a silver-haired person, I retain the privileges of Reflection or Regrets. I've earned this right through years of trials, temptations, and choices. My journal excerpt—Reflect on Plans. A few years post-divorce, COBRA for my healthcare neared its end, and I needed to become my sole supporter. "Where there's a will, there's a way." Being... Continue Reading →

Mom Visits Radiology

X-rays were ordered for Mom's hip. It was painful, and with her track record of not divulging her falls, we wanted confirmation that there wasn't any fractures. Sis and I transported her to the Medical Building, unloaded her in the Valet Zone, and entered the Radiology Department. After registration, we were taken to a changing... Continue Reading →

Consent For Publication

June was a very good month. Some of my short stories were accepted by various publishers. I'm humbled when someone else finds the subject of my story as fascinating as I do. Within the next few months, be on the lookout for the anthology title and a Link posted on my Published Page. The desired... Continue Reading →

Mom Registers

Doctor appointment day dawned, bright and clear. Sis and I got Mom ready and loaded her into the car with her wheelchair. Mom has "White Coat Syndrome" where her blood pressure goes up when she sees a doctor, but this time, Mom was flat out cheerful. We pushed her down the hallway and registered Mom... Continue Reading →

When Sis Helped

#wheelchair #siblings #caregivers In my family, I'm the baby. Two brothers and one sister. Sis is almost nine-years older than me. She's the OLDER sister. Mom has been living with me since 2014, when her beloved husband passed away from cancer. She never drove a car, has Alzheimer's now, and is challenged with walking due... Continue Reading →

Winter Chicks

Me, to my friend Suzi—"I love your new hair color! You went natural." Suzi—"We're definitely not spring chicks anymore." Me—"True. I rename us, winter chicks." When we were spring chickens in college, Suzi's tresses were golden brown, and mine were blondish. After twenty years of hair color, I went natural, because I was allergic to... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Jeans

Mom wiggled her little fanny and did a little dance. Her jeans were not cooperating. She yanked on them again. "Mom, what's the problem?" I stood by her bedside table with her steamy cup of coffee. How could this be difficult? She weighs 89 pounds—one pound for each year of life. "Oh...I can't seem to get... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Roller Coaster

  My hubby and I took Mom for a walk to a nearby locally owned coffee stand. It sits next to a wetland preserve, so the views are beautifully "springy" right now. Our challenge was rolling Mom in her wheelchair over those yellow lego-thingies to get to the order window. In the past, we made... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Bed

We live in a two bedroom apartment—my hubby, me and Mom. One of the reasons we chose this apartment—the floor plan is perfect. Mom's bedroom and bathroom are separated by a wall between the living room. We all have more privacy this way. The other reason—Mom has a picturesque view from her bedroom window. It's the... Continue Reading →

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