Reflect or Regret? Part 2-Persistence

As a silver-haired person, I retain the privileges of Reflection or Regrets. I’ve earned this right through years of trials, temptations, and choices. My journal excerpt—Reflect on persistence.

Desires and dreams-

In middle school, a friend of mine encouraged me to join Glee Club, where I discovered my love for singing.

At thirteen years-old, I was given my first duet with a friend of mine in a community Christmas Performance at the high school. I completely bombed from stage fright. Our teacher even stopped playing the melody of “We Three Kings” and tapped out ONLY my part. God bless him, but though I heard it clearly, I couldn’t change my horrifying pitch. My friend was humiliated, and sang her part perfectly.

Why didn’t I quit singing after that? I guess I loved it enough to persist. If anyone said any words of wisdom or encouragement, I don’t remember. I kept singing—in several choirs and on a worship team for three years. Singing made my heart and spirit soar like nothing else. Nerves beset me, but never again did stage-fright take me down.

Our high school Art teacher informed us that we couldn’t make any money with art. Reflecting on his comments through an adult’s viewpoint, that was Bitterness talking. One of our assignments was to paint murals in the Art Department hallway. I loved it and painted two.

Eventually, I earned money for thirteen years painting murals, and I am thankful for that. One of my classmates became a world renowned artist. Persist in your passion. Don’t listen to the naysayers, prove them wrong instead.

When I wanted to travel and work overseas, most of my family and friends commented, “It’s too dangerous.” True, there are unsafe countries and governments, I had some experiences that make my skin crawl, when I think of them. Best advice, persist in awareness of and pay attention to your surroundings. Watch everyone, plus keep your documents, or valuables inside your clothes, and don’t put them in any hotel or hostel safes!

One of my dreams was to see the world. Opportunities to live and travel abroad in different cultures are rare as jewels found in the dirt. Persist with your goals. Sixteen countries later, and working overseas for a year, are some of the best experiences and highlights of my life.


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