Mom Reads Signs

Mom, a non-driver for her entire life, reads signs out loud to us—one of her favorite pastimes while riding in our car’s backseat next to her walker. (My sweet mom’s hearing is a little decreased, too). #caregiver

Here’s a portion of our conversation on the way home from the restaurant tonight—

Mom: “Pick and Pull? What’s a pick and pull. What do they pull?”

Me: “Car parts, people pull car parts off of a damaged car and put it on another one.”

Mom: “Oh. People do that? Hmm, ‘Cook’s Collusion’ is that a restaurant?”

I twist in my seat belt and just catch a view of the sign. “No…that’s a car repair shop.”

Mom: “What did you say?

Me: “I said—”

Mom: “Why would cooks collude?”

My husband clamps a hand over his mouth. (Laughing at your mother-in-law is risky behavior).

Me: “It’s called ‘Cook’s COLLISION for car accidents.”

Mom: “Oh, collision, not collusion. And Cook must be someone’s name? That makes more sense.”

There you have it, a wrap up of our evening adventure.

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