Acceptance Surprise

#Anthology #shortstories #preschool

Short stories based on events in my life are enjoyable to write, and I submit to a variety of publishers. This past week, I received a surprising acceptance email from an editor for a future anthology.

I revised my story several times, had it critiqued, then edited it to its current version, before I submitted it in March. This story might be published before Christmas—

Two stay-at-home mothers of preschoolers picnic at the park. A feeling of foreboding alarms one mother even though everything looks normal. She believes God is persistent with the warning, because the foreboding persists through distractions. The mothers watch the horrifying reason eventually revealed.




4 thoughts on “Acceptance Surprise

    1. Hi Johanna, I’ve submitted to anthologies that are through my local groups, Facebook groups, and Twitter groups. Search for anthologies there. Chicken Soup is the well-known anthology. They pay, but it is difficult to get accepted. Do it anyway!

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  1. Happy to encourage you. There are many opportunities out there, but it takes time to search them out. I belong to a few writer’s groups, and we share information and the calls for stories with each other. Maybe consider joining a group?


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