Veteran’s Day 2018

#SaluteToService #WWII #VeteransDay

img20181102_16323945Dad told a few stories of his time in the Army Air-core during WWII. His assignment involved aircraft. From what I’ve heard, many of those servicemen were eager to return to civilian life, not be the hero. I’ll write a few of his stories in the future.

Four of my uncles also served in in the Navy. Their stories are bittersweet and many. One was a Japanese POW.

My oldest brother served in the Vietnam War. His brilliant mind kept his assignment stateside, thank God!

Grandfather was the only male in his family of five. He didn’t serve, as he was the breadwinner for his family. I found this photo and his WWI registration card a few days ago! img20181108_10532825

He saved so many documents, it’s remarkable. One of his unusual stories is slated to be published, possibly in 2019. I think his life needs an entire book. He passed at 103 1/2!

I’m humbled to be a living chapter in each of their stories. My life includes the best of good things, and also some of the worst of bad things—humanity in a nut-shell mixed with God’s miraculous blessings.

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