Book Launch & Badges

Someone propped open double glass doors, and a registration table greeted us inside the auditorium. A sign-in sheet, name tags, brochure, and bulletins with a space for notes lay in organized stacks.

I scanned the room for familiar faces, waved at a few folks I knew, and found a round table with my critique group peeps. White table cloth, Christmas-green cedar branches, and a cut-out book completed our writer’s style centerpiece.

My heart swelled with pride and joy when I collected my stash of books. Excitement always grows while we sign each other’s copies on the pages with our stories.

We settled in our places and Inspire announced the privilege available to their writers for badge-earning.

Was the last badge I earned from the Girl Scouts? I shifted in my folding chair and listened for the details. A grin spread across my face with the news. I glanced at my friend, “I’ve earned two! I can’t wait to post them.”

Badge #1 is for Contributor, 2018 Anthology, that’s me. ICW-Badges-_Anthology-2018-200-300x300


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  1. Debbie says:

    Congratulations Erin! You are the one who inspires me! I was so disappointed to miss this book launch. I guess I’ve earned three badges too. Keep writing!

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  2. evsparrow says:

    I searched for you, and then remembered you were unable to attend. 😦 Congratulations to you, Debbie! Keep honing your skills…


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