The Dating Dock Launch

#dating2019 #singlelife #Christian Author, Dee Aspin, asked me to illustrate her book, The Dating Dock, A Journey of the Heart. I think Christian singles—college students and even older adults will find this information helpful about boundaries and self-care. My goal is for the illustrations to engage readers with an inviting touch. 

Dee and E.V. collaborating on The Dating Dock illustrations.

Divorced, after twenty-three years of marriage, I entered the world of singles. Compared to the 1980s, single life was unrecognizable—technology, and new social rules intimidated me. A friend told me about a Single’s Ministry in my new church. I joined and discovered dating overwhelmed other singles, too—we came from similar, disastrous experiences in our marriages.

During my new single life of eleven years, teachings from our Single’s Ministry included boundaries, self-care, and remembering our value to God and others. My main takeaway—boundaries protect me while I embrace my life as a newly-single adult. Weak boundaries doom me to repeat my past mistakes. The Dating Dock book encourages readers in those three areas, and to row in sync in their relationships during their adventureous dating voyages.

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