Goodbye, Mama

Mama’s Strong Heart

Alzheimers #lungcancer #goodbye

Last night, my Mama’s heart stopped its race against cancer, and she passed into Heaven. We knew she she was ready to go. But she was my best friend, and confidante. Alzheimer’s Disease robbed her of many precious memories, but not her essence.

Mama was a queen among women, dignified, gentle, strong—beautiful and gracious to all.

Brokenhearted by life’s hurtful events, and a few harmful choices but repentant for her part.

Humble and loving to anyone blessed to know her.

Not critical or judgmental in her interactions but understanding and accepting of others.

Wise, very wise beyond normal insight. She listened to my every conflicting thought or feeling.

She knew just how to discipline me, careful not to break my spirit. I remember her tender instruction and explanations, when I made bad choices. Mama always clarified that I could make amends, change my behavior, that she loved ME, not the choice.

I stand and bless you with pain in my heart. Time will drag until I see you again. Goodbye, Mama.

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