WCCWC My #1 Takeaway

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Not my first writer’s conference but a memorable one. Why?

The setting? Yup, love the old dairy farm renovations and rural atmosphere. The workshops? Yup, I learned new skills, application, and goal planning. The round table discussions with agents and publishers? Yup, those hour long small group meetings are a new favorite of mine. Terrific idea and opportunity!

The agent I met with at one Round Table, Blythe Daniel, encouraged the five of us and made future plans appear possible to attain.

What impacted me most was a speaker, Bill Giovanetti. Maybe you’ll feel the same. Here’s one of my favorite excerpts from his Saturday morning Keynote teaching—

“Okay, truth number one, ‘Your job is faith. My job is faith.’ Just you write it this way: ‘My job is faith. My job is faith.’ God told Peter to get on the boat. Peter got on the boat. Faith.

God put an impression deep in your heart to write and you can’t shake it so you write and you go to West Coast Christian Writers Conference. You know what that is? That’s faith. That’s your job. That’s your primary job. Risky, plotting, muscular, wimpy faith—they’re all good. Any faith is good faith.

*The faith to be here today.
*The faith to invest hard earned money to develop your writing skills.
*The faith to trust those who’ve been down the path before you.
*The faith to take no for an answer with dignity and grace.
*The faith to lick your wounds, get up, try again.
*The faith to take yes for an answer with humility and thanks.
*The faith to push out another sentence, push out another paragraph, and
another, and another after that. That’s faith.
*The faith to take your labels from God instead of from the dysfunctional voices of heartless critics. Every published author was a rejected author first.

What’s the difference? Faith. The kept going.” Persistence or perseverance.

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