Miracles Do Happen

Guideposts’ Anthology

It’s an honor and a privilege for three of my stories to be published in this Guideposts anthology, Miracles Do Happen, now available on their website. God’s power changes things!

In Jesus Made Me Feel Better, a four year-old girl is dangerously ill, and the adults in her life aren’t aware. Who can help her in the wee hours of the morning as she slips away into the “dark blanket?”

In Chill Alert, two young mothers take their preschoolers to the local public park. Something evil arrives, and their ordinary day turns toward a tragic event. Is there a way to stop it?

In Miracle Among Friends, Giselle and a group of friends work on a U.S. army base in the Bavarian alps. One of her friends discovers Giselle is very ill. With no health insurance and a low income, how can the friends help her? Prayer. #miracles #anthology #Prayer

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