Privileged to be Published

Boxes of Books

Our apartment supplies a row of lockers for residents’ packages. We receive notices via email with seven-day activation codes.

“Honey, there’s three notices for packages ready for pick up.” I scooted out from under my desk on my retro, white office chair-purchased online. “I finally understand online shopping. It’s like Christmas! Thanks a lot for hooking me into the tech world.”

My hubby climbed out of his recliner-not purchased online. “Told you you’d like it. It’s a time saver.”

“I’m hoping it’s one of the anthology orders.”

Hubby grabbed his phone. “I’m expecting a few items, too. I’ll race you.”

Racing consists of whoever makes it to the stair landing first, with the activation codes ready on their phone. This time, I won. “Ha! 86028, C43L2.” I entered my signature. Pop! We scanned the lockers for the open door.

“Found it.” Hubby reached inside the large receptacle. “There’s four boxes here.” He dragged one out and handed it over. “It’s heavy.”

It was addressed to me, from Bethany House, through Baker Publishing. “My contributor’s copies of Heaven Sightings.”

“I’m proud of you, darling.” Hubby kissed the top of my head. “You worked hard for this. Here’s the smaller box.” He read the label, “From Guideposts.”

I hugged it. “My contributor’s copy of Miracles Do Happen. They shipped it separately.”

This year was a milestone for meā€”four stories accepted by two major publishers. It really was Christmas in June.

2 thoughts on “Privileged to be Published

  1. Loved this! SO HAPPY 4 U!!!!! Congradulations!!!! U have worked hard& Im so proud of u my “Young SISTA” . Cant wait 2 c!!! Love u.


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