Mama’s Birthday

Today, was Mama’s birthday. She celebrated her life everyday with thankfulness and joy. She often told me she didn’t want to live to her 91st. Mama’s comment was odd, until I realized she was in pain and bed-bound.

In my thoughts, we had a conversation that went like this—

“Hi Mama, you’d be 91 today! I know you don’t need birthdays in Heaven, but it was fun to celebrate them on Earth.”

“Why would I want to be 91?” She tipped her head and scrunched up her nose. “I wondered what my purpose was, just sitting around in that bed.”

“Your purpose was to give wisdom and counsel to your family. We needed your love and acceptance. You were a shining light for us.”

Mama giggled. “If you say so. I know myself better.”

“One thing you would’ve loved to see, Mama—your ninth great-grandchild was born a few days ago! She’s beautiful. I can imagine your smile, and hear you say that she looks just like her daddy when he was a newborn. I agree with you. She also looks like her older sister, Mama.”

The sun glimmered and the birds chirped among the trees releasing their leaves. I waited. The leaves tripped after themselves along the sidewalk with the breeze . I waited. “Well, give Daddy a hug for me, Mama. Happy birthday.”

4 thoughts on “Mama

  1. Sis, love this, made me cry. Sounds just like mom! I hope the Lord allowed her to “see” our new addition to the family! I know she would re”joyce”! Thank u for the post!

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