What We Did in Doolin

Irish Cottage Artwork-Free Offer

This image depicts a scene in the first chapter of my upcoming *debut historical fiction novel. Below-Here’s a photo and story of our greeting from Tony McGann, March of 2002. Six of us pulled into the pub’s parking lot on a Wednesday eve, just as the sun set over the sea. Tony, the owner, came out to meet us. He asked how we found his pub. We showed him the article written about his pub in a travel book. He borrowed a pair of glasses and slipped them on. Tony was stunned to read about himself. I suppose the author didn’t notify Tony about his write-up. We enjoyed being the bearer of good news.


Inside the pub were two or three customers, a barkeeper and one server. Our family group chatted about our plans, and how we wished we could remain in Doolin and explore. We ordered fresh fish chowder—the absolute BEST I’ve ever eaten, but my tongue went numb. I asked if there were scallops in it, (allergy) and sure enough there were. My heart dropped that I would miss out, it was so delicious!

The server returned and said Tony would make my own bowl without scallops, if I’d wait for it. You bet!

By this time, a band played cheerful tunes, and the pub was filled to the brim with customers—they smiled and nodded when we glanced at them. Our poor server was in a hectic state!

When Tony served my customized bowl of fish chowder, I asked him where all the people came from. There weren’t many homes or buildings, and Doolin had one main street.

Tony grinned. “Darlin’ word got out we had Americans a visiting us. No one wants to miss out on catching a glimpse of you. We love Americans.”

🙂 And I love the Irish.

*My debut novel begins in 1860s Ireland. The story is partially inspired by the experiences of my quirky relative’s and their immigration from County Kerry.


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