Monkey Falls

Family Story-

Mama removed the dishes from the breakfast table in her new kitchen. “Lizzie, go brush your teeth, and then you can play on our new patio, okay?”

“Goodie, Mama. Can I play by the creek?” Lizzie flipped onto her tummy, slid off her chair, and when her toes hit the floor she ran to Mama.

Mama shook her head, “No, honey. Remember, Daddy’s home today, because he isn’t feeling well? I’ll check on him, and I’ll be out in a few minutes. Stay on the patio next to the house—away from the creek.” Mama raised an eyebrow, “I can see you from the window…”

Lizzie squatted next to the wild violets that grew in clumps against the house. They were fuzzy and soft. She smiled. “White. Purp…purp-ill. Lav…lavin…lavin…doo.” Scratch. Scratch, scratch. Lizzie lifted her face toward the sound.

A brown creature with a long tail clung to the wall at the end of the house. It climbed to the overhang, grabbed it, and swung onto the roof.

Lizzie stared with her mouth open. We have a monkey? She scooted around the corner and followed it’s path to the next pitch in the roof.

The monkey lost it’s grip. It tumbled over and over until it fell. It thumped onto the ground, and lay still.

“Uh, oh. Poor thing!” Lizzie took a few steps toward it. The monkey flipped over, swayed, and stumbled. Then it shook it’s head and scurried into the blackberry bushes.

Lizzie sprinted to the kitchen where Mama dried the dishes. “Mama, I found a monkey!”

“Wha-at?” Mama scrunched her face. “A monkey?” She grinned. “I see, and what did your monkey do?” Mama lifted a plate and dried it.

“It fell off the roof! It went like this.” Lizzie copied the monkey’s antics. “It went into the bushes. Come see.” Lizzie tugged Mama to the backyard and pointed at the last spot she saw the monkey.

A long skinny tail stuck out from under the thorny blackberry bushes.

“Thomas!” Mama banged the bedroom windowsill, “Thomas, I want three cats! NOW!”

Lizzie bit her thumb. I get kitties because I showed Mama a monkey? Maybe I can get a puppy if I show Mama the snakes.

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