Preparing a Novella to Introduce Mick Muldoon

After signing a three-book contract with Celebrate Lit Publishing, I decided I want readers to discover more about Mick ahead of the historical fiction novel in which he is the main character.

Mick is a simple Irish farmer in a small village in 1866 Ireland, but he’s a complex man. He battles with poverty, multiple deaths of his wives and children, and his moderate scoliosis, which adds to his alcoholism. All those adversities develop his resilience. He believes in and is dedicated his faith in the Trinity, family, and hard work despite the tragedies.

In Muldoon’s Minnesota Darling, Mick happily escapes the tenements of New York City’s Lower East Side, and heads out West with Ed to purchase farmland. This is where he discovers his dreams of life and love. #historicalfiction #historicalfictionbooks

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