Mick’s older brother, Ed

The Muldoon brothers and their sister, Orla, left the rest of their siblings and mother back in Ireland to create a better life for themselves in America in Muldoon’s Misfortunes, releasing on 12/5/23. Ed is everyone’s least favorite. The oldest son typically got rights to the farm in Ireland. Under English law then, only one child could inherit the land rites. Mick’s parents skip over Ed in favor of Mick believing with his crooked back, (scoliosis) he’d need an income. All the rest of the siblings must remain on one farm, in one or two homes, and never marry. There weren’t many ways to earn a living for the Irish in 1866 Ireland.

In Muldoon’s Minnesota Darling, Ed tames himself to a certain degree. Gambling is his vice, because money is his gateway to freedom from daily struggles. He attempts farming with Mick because he’s treated him with contempt and resentment in the past. Maybe he can pay a penance for it. Has Ed’s heart irrevocably changed? How well does he do?

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