Multi-author Mother’s Day Book Giveaway!

I’m delighted to participate in our Facebook group’s giveaway of eleven eBooks and print books with a Mother’s Day topic! Enter at:

They include novels, short stories, or Christian non-fiction books about relationships with mothers, mother figures, and female friendships.

The promotion will run from May 10-May 17th and the winner will be chosen from a random generator. Diana Leagh Matthews will contact the winner to confirm information. Hope one of my peeps wins! Mine is Short and Sweet Takes the Fifth, with a short story about two young mothers of preschoolers at the park. A terrifying event occurs, but is there anyone who can help? #mothersdaystories #mothersanddaughters #mothersandsons #multiauthorgiveaways

P.S. I am away to Ireland tomorrow and will be there until the 27th! I’m checking on some details for my first novel, and doing research for my second one. I’ll share photos after my return.

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