Mom Finds Change

Mom returned from her afternoon walk in the complex and trash collecting with her reacher.

Mom— “Look what I found. They were just laying around next to the sidewalk—.59 cents.”

My hubby’s eyes widened, he tucked in his lips and his shoulders shook.

Me— “Well, how nice.”

Mom— “I’d like to donate these coins to a children’s charity. Do you know of any?”

Me— “You want to donate the coins?”

Mom nods— “I have lots of other pennies to add them to.” She left and brought me her old pill containers. (I really have no idea what all is stashed in her room. I’d better check).

My hubby— “Consider those coins as your tips.”

Mom— “Okay. There wasn’t much trash today.”

My hubby— “From Trash to Cash.”

Mom— “Yea, that’s how much my job is worth.”

There you have it. A volunteer trash-collector’s salary.




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