Mom’s Eyebrow

Mom had an effective form of correction in our family—Her Eyebrow. When we detected the Eyebrow…we knew what came next. Punishment or discipline (whatever word you choose to use), loss of privileges, no dessert, etc.

My sister and I still discuss The Eyebrow, and we are both Over The Hill.

Mom—”When you were two years-old you used to try and charm me by asking, ‘Mommy, why are your eyebrows mad?’ You’d touch my face. I’d tell you that they weren’t mad, I was upset with you.”

Sis—”The Eyebrow! Remember the Eyebrow? I stopped my sass when I saw it. We all stopped whatever we were doing for the Eyebrow!”

Me—”Oh yea, and you guys would even warn me. (I’m proudly the Baby). “The Eyebrow!” you’d say, or one of our brothers, “Ooo, The Eyebrow, you’d better watch out!”

Mom’s Eyebrow had impact.

I tried it with my kids—epic fail. They still reminisce about MY Eyebrow attempts.

My son—”Mom, what are you doing? Why are you making that weird face?”

My daughter—”Wow. You can raise one eyebrow at a time? Show me how.” (She has Mom’s Eyebrow).

Me—”I am angry! I am making this face to warn you to STOP.”

My kids—”Hahahahaha! You don’t look angry! You just look funny! Hahahahaha!”

I did not inherit Mom’s Eyebrow.


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