Mom Sees Jewels

In our apartment’s kitchen, Mom stood in front of the granite counter, near the sink. She poured her morning coffee. “When you get the chance, come and see something. I just found a jewel. I’ve never seen it before. It’s really pretty, it looks like a diamond.”

“A diamond?” Did I lose a diamond? At my computer I struggled with balancing my checkbook. With my limited math skills. “Okay…just a minute.”

Mom patiently waited.

I laid down my check register, left my desk, and entered the kitchen. “Where is it?”

“It’s in the darnedest place.” Mom pointed with her long pointer-finger nail. “Right there.”

“Um, I don’t see anything…” I stood next to Mom.

“You have to get the right kind of light. Lean closer. See it now?”

I squinted. “Oh, yea. It’s part of the granite counter-top.”

Mom frowned. “Why would granite have jewels in it?”

Blank. I don’t have enough time for this conversation. I’m due at an appointment. “Granite glitters when it’s cut.”

“Oh. And here’s another one.” Mom’s unpainted nail poked it.

I knew to get real close right away, in the right kind of light. “That’s a piece of plastic.”


Mom pushed it around. “Isn’t that just plain weird? Diamonds and plastic look the same. I never thought about that before.”

There you have it.

Why buy an expensive diamond when you can use cheap plastic wrap?

#jewels #diamonds

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