Mom Finds Doggie-Walk Bags

Our apartment complex provides bright green doggie doo clean-up bags for the owner’s convenience, and for the neighbors’ delight. Not always used by said owners, gag, but more often than not.

The other day, Mom returned from her afternoon walk with a confession ready.

Mom poured a cup of coffee, “I went into the office today.”

I sat at my laptop in the dining room, “Oh?”

Mom—”I talked to a young lady who looked like she’s still in school. But she probably isn’t.”

I continued my search for tax documents, “Why did you need to talk to her?”

Mom—”Well, I didn’t want her to think that I was doing something that I shouldn’t.”

I looked up from my key board, “Really? What were you doing?”

Mom—”I used doggie bags for the cigarettes butts.”

Ewww. “Mom, where they full bags?” I glanced at my hubby. His eyes were huge.

Mom—”Of course not! They were blowing around in the parking lot, on the street, and by the sidewalk. I didn’t want them to be wasted.”

Me—”Of course not.” Mom is an original EPA volunteer from the 1960’s. (Story to follow).

Mom—”I filled the bags up with my Reacher. Anyway, the girl was just pleased that I like to pick up the trash.”

There you go. Please repurpose any clean, green doggie bags that you see blowing around with the wind.

#doggies #trash








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