Mom’s Nose

After locking my apartment door, I fish in my pantry for something to make my bitter nightly medicines go down easier.

My Hubby—”How did critique group go?”

Me—”Fine.” I’m focused on the snack search. I just ate a full dinner, but it’s Friday night.

I scoop up a spoonful of peanut butter and stick a bunch of chocolate chips to it. I get it just right, insert it into my mouth—

Mom pops out of her room, “Welcome home.”

Me—”Hmfph.” I’m busted, but turn to give her a smile.

Mom—”Like my chin whiskers?” She has a bright white mask plastered to it. It contrasts with her black ski cap that she wears to keep warm.

Me—”Ack, oh, hm.” Mom’s nose matches her chin.

Mom—”And this is what happens when you stick your nose in someone else’s business.”

Outstanding visual, thanks Mom.

#Nose #caregiver #chocolate #peanutbutter

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