Mom Giggled

Poor Mom. Her back is giving her “fits.” She’s been resting in bed this past week. We’ve been doing everything we can think of to help her manage the pain.

I entered her room with supplies, “Time to freeze yourself.”

Mom lay against her pillows in her queen size bed. “It’s that time again?” It’s been 28-32 degrees in the mornings. “Hey, the sun’s coming through my blinds. How about opening them so my room warms up?” Mom wears sunglasses 24/7 due to “light-sensitive eyes.”

“Sure. And you can warm up with your coffee, too.”

Mom leaned forward and untied her robe’s belt. Mom’s always a little bit cold. She also had a velcro back support on. Mom tugged on her velcro, and struggled to pull her arms out of her robe.

I set down the ice pack, the tray table with her coffee, and placed it on her bed. I leaned over her and grabbed a third pillow. My arm bumped her head when I straightened with the pillow. “Sorry, Mom!”

“I collided with your arm.”

I looked down…Mom’s face was…under the ski cap she wears. A definite nose bump poked out underneath the knitted fabric. “Forget your sunglasses. Just wear the cap over your face.”

Mom giggled. “That’s another option.”      #knit #Sunglasses








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