Mom’s Bed

We live in a two bedroom apartment—my hubby, me and Mom.

One of the reasons we chose this apartment—the floor plan is perfect.

Mom’s bedroom and bathroom are separated by a wall between the living room. We all have more privacy this way.

The other reason—Mom has a picturesque view from her bedroom window. It’s the prettiest one in the entire complex.

Mom currently has a queen size bed in her 10×10. It pretty much fills up her room, but she purchased it when we lived in my house.

Recently, she is in much more pain, and we’ve been adding equipment—an over bed table and a walker that she uses to move around her room. Space is tight and a trip hazard. We shimmy between the bed, the closet, and the wall.

Today, we’re setting up my hubby’s previous twin size, faux Tempurpedic bed. Both head and feet elevate with a remote. (It even has a vibration feature, which I plan to surprise Mom with).

I purchased a new bed cover ensemble in all white per Mom’s request.

Me—”Hey, Mom. Just think, you get a new bed, new bedspread, and new sheets! Nice, huh?”

Mom—Smiles, “Yup, an old lady in a new bed. That ought to perk things up a bit! Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue? The blue part is tricky…Oh, I know, I can see the beautiful blue sky from my bed.”



That saying isn’t just for weddings anymore.

#bed #aging #caregiver

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