Mom’s Roller Coaster


My hubby and I took Mom for a walk to a nearby locally owned coffee stand. It sits next to a wetland preserve, so the views are beautifully “springy” right now.

Our challenge was rolling Mom in her wheelchair over those yellow lego-thingies to get to the order window. In the past, we made fun of those thingies that make you go ah-hh-hh-hh-hh when you roll over them with shopping carts.

Now, we understand the importance of those lego thingies. We have a legally blind neighbor who relies on them to navigate our sidewalks and apartment parking lot.


After we rolled Mom over those thingies, we pushed her over the white speedbumps. Have you ever noticed they’re a lot higher than you sense when you’re in your car? Mom’s head bounced no matter how slow we pushed her.

Hubby—”Sorry, Mom. Hope you’re not getting motion sickness. Is it like being on a rollercoaster?”

Me—”Glad you’re driving, honey. We’re on an obstacle course.”

Mom—”I remember going on a rollercoaster in Santa Cruz once.”

Me—”You did?”

Mom—”Yup. Just once. It didn’t thrill me like they promised, AT ALL.”

Hubby—”I went on that, too. I don’t like rollercoasters. Makes me dizzy.”

Mom—”And I was always dizzy without any help.”

Me—”I’m the only one who hasn’t ridden that thing. I get headaches on rollercoasters.”

Hubby—”So, Mom, were you what they call a dizzy blonde?”

Me—”Yea. She was a blonde.”

Mom—”Blonde, brunette, redhead. Whatever color grabbed my attention. I was the Clairol lover. An advertisement for their entire line of colors.”

Her uncolored white hair is glorious. Nature does it best.

#haircolor #SantaCruz #caretaker



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