Water and Tonic

Laundry, almost done. Check. Finish up with Mom’s sheets.

After scanning my list at the kitchen counter, I glanced out the patio slider. Several wildfires were burning in our state, and one was near enough to cast a peachy light. Triple digits again today. Will this heatwave never end?

fullsizeoutput_3ef1.jpegThe birdbath on our patio was dry, and I’ve seen birds use it on hot days. Better fill it up. I selected my largest glass jar and filled it from the kitchen faucet.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Mom emerge from her room. Her walker seat held her water glass. Not again. I can’t count the times I’ve told her NOT to carry dishes on the seat. If something falls, she’ll let go of a handle and automatically jerk down to get it and…

“I’m just bringing my water cup to fill up.” Mom gently smiled.

Hhh. “Let me do if for you, Mom. Do you want me to add some Tonic Water, too?” I lifted her empty cup.

“Sure. I’ve been having some leg strings.” (She means cramps. The quinine in the Tonic Water alleviates them).

I pulled out the bottle from the refrigerator door, turned toward her glass, and poured a bit into the water jar next to it. “Oh great.” I stared at the tall jar. “Here’s your drink, Mom.”

“That’s funny,” Mom giggled.

“That was for the birdbath. Now what?” Pour it on the plants instead?

Mom tilted her head sideways, “Maybe it will help the birds. I’m sure they must get wing cramps from time to time.”

“There’s a thought.” From my wacky, wise, and wonderful Mom. I might Google “bird cramps.”

#Alzheimers #caregivers #bird


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