Mom’s MRI Questions

Mom’s two-hour trash-pick-up-walks had trickled to treks to the bathroom or kitchen. She hunched over her walker, and said it was painful to be more upright.

Her Physician’s Assistant listened to my concerns. “Do you think she fell?”

“That’s possible. Her memory is sketchy and confused at times, so it’s difficult to get accurate info from her.”

“I’d like to schedule an MRI for her to make certain that there aren’t any fractures. Okay? We can also compare it to the last one.”

Sis and I arrived with Mom at the Radiology Department and checked her in.

The Radiology MA—a tall, handsome, young man, entered the waiting area. “Hello, ladies. I have a series of pre-MRI questions to ask you.”

“I may need to answer some of those for Mom.”

He nodded, “Not a problem. Do you have a pacemaker?”

Mom shook her head, “No.”  She glanced at me, “But I have some friends that do.”

Rad MA dimpled, “Do you have any implants?”

Mom’s eyebrows disappeared into her hairline. “Implants?”

Sis and I chuckled, “No.”

He grinned, “Dental implants?”

Mom turned to us, still wide-eyed.

“No.” I shook my head.

Rad MA then asked, “Do you have metal stints?”

“What’s a stint?” Mom frowned.

Sis explained, “Sometimes for your heart, Mom.”

“No, she doesn’t have stints.” I patted Mom’s hand.

“Good. Have you ever had brain surgery?” Rad MA paused his pen.

Mom’s face lit up, “Oh maybe that’s what’s missing. I need that.”

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