Mom Visits Radiology

X-rays were ordered for Mom’s hip. It was painful, and with her track record of not divulging her falls, we wanted confirmation that there wasn’t any fractures.

Sis and I transported her to the Medical Building, unloaded her in the Valet Zone, and entered the Radiology Department.

After registration, we were taken to a changing room, which was large enough for all three of us to fit into.

“Do they want me to take off everything? I mean, I have on long johns, pants, a turtleneck, and a sweater. My feet will get cold if I take off my boots.” Mom pointed to a stack of lockers with keys. “And will everything fit into that tiny locker?”

“Sorry, Mom. I think so. But leave your purse, cap, and gloves with us.” I stuffed them into the pocket on the back of her ultra-light wheelchair, and Sis took Mom’s purse.

“Okay, I guess it’s necessary.” Mom looked at my Sis, who nodded.


Mom pulled off her sweater, and broke into song, “Take it off, take it off, said a voice from the rear.”

My mouth dropped open.

“Take it off, take it off, that’s all I can hear.” Mom removed her arms from her turtleneck.

“Mom! What?” My Sis cupped Mom’s shoulder. “What are you singing?”

I tucked my lips in to stifle a giggle, and stared at Sis. “Yea, is that an actual song? I’ve never heard you sing that before.” I mouthed the words, what is that?

Sis frowned, her eyes were wide and confused.

“Yes, it’s an actual song. It’s from a long time ago.” Mom pulled the turtleneck over her head.

Um, where did you hear that song?” Is Mom more confused than we thought?

Mom’s muffled voice issued from inside her turtleneck, “Oh, I don’t know. Somewhere. It just came to mind.”

“At a cabaret show? Or a musicale?” I clutched Mom’s clothes.

Sis handed Mom the hospital gown, and asked, “At a strip club?”

Ooh, brave! She actually asked THE question.

“No, no. I wasn’t that wild.”

We sisters froze. There’s a story here somewhere.

Mom tucked the gown around her body. “Now, I remember. It was a song on the radio in the late 40’s.”

“On the radio?” We exclaimed in unison. “That’s pretty edgy for the 40’s, isn’t it?”

“Not from what I remember.”

Note to self—ask more questions.

#caregivers #siblings #parents



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